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Gelatine Definition

Gelatine is a protein derived from the partial collagen hydrolysis which is the main constituent of animal skins, bones, tendons and connective tissue.

Like collagen, Gelatine is composed of 18 different amino acids which are linked by peptic connections in the formation of the Gelatine molecule whose average molecular weight varies between 20.000 and 250.000, depending on the collagen hydrolysis degree.

As peculiar characteristic it has a high content of glycine, hydroxyproline and proline and a deficiency in sulfurated amino acids. It is not a complete protein because the essential amino acid tryptophan is not present; however, it is an interesting nutritional product and can be employed as proteic supplement associated to other proteins, besides being, nowadays, a very sought after product for dietetic products of low calories, without cholesterol and reduced fat.