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Gelatine Manufacturing Process

It encompasses the following basic stages: treatment of the collagenic tissue; extraction; purification; concentration; sterilization; cooling; drying.

At the conversion of collagen into Gelatine, the denaturation of the triple helixes structure takes place, a rupture of the intermolecular connections and rupture of peptidic connections.

Some of the amino acids in the peptidic structure of collagen hold functional groups that are hydrolysated under acid or basic conditions leading to changes in the balance of groups loaded with Gelatine molecules.

Considering the form and size of the Gelatine molecule, we find another important property which is the isoelectric point (pI) that, by definition, is the pH of the protein solution in which there is no migration to an electric field.

Gelatine is classified according to the nature of the raw material and the type of hydrolysis applied to it.