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Manufacturers of edible and pharmaceutical Gelatine, members of SAGMA, are acting under the Laws in force in each country manufacturing high quality Gelatine for human consumption. All have the ISO certificate.

From the moment of choosing the raw material, bovine skin scrapings as well as porcine skin up to the dry and mowed Gelatine, the Quality Control is ever present in all steps of the production process. The manufacturers have Quality Systems that, applied to all sectors, guarantee the necessary and proper procedures in order to obtain highly qualified Gelatine for all purposes.

Gelatine – a foodstuff – is used as ingredient in other nourishing products as also in pharmaceutical products whose aim is the improvement of people’s state of health. Conscious of this fact, Gelatine industry invests yearly high amounts to ensure and improve even more the quality in face of the demands of our clients and the high expectations of our costumers.