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1. The gelatine market is global and totally consolidated. We follow therefore internationally established rules. Therefore the SAGMA – CODE OF CONDUCT is based on existing and worldwide accepted regulations.

2. The aim of the SAGMA - CODE OF CONDUCT is to establish and fulfil additional rules and recommendations via certified quality management systems, i.e. ISO 9000 for all associated gelatine producers to make sure that the raw material acquired and applied in the gelatine production process is corresponding to the sanitary and hygiene standards normally used and accepted in the international food industry.

3. The international regulations for our clients require models of traceability and sanitary conditions for the raw materials applied in products for human consumption. These rules are approved by competent authorities in each SAGMA member country, by countries which are importing gelatine and by all important private and official entities.

4. The gelatine producers which attend the SAGMA - CODE OF CONDUCT are responsible for the application of its content by all means. The gelatine producer evaluates the quality system of each provider of the raw material and proposes improvements which are considered necessary or, – at his criteria – interrupts the deliveries.

5. All SAGMA members have managements systems in place which guarantee the fulfilment of the following principles:

5.1. The Provider of raw material must have permission issued by the authorized entity which could be federal, provincial or municipal, to exercise his business.
5.2. The Provider must offer all raw material deliveries accompanied by the necessary documents and/or certificates stating that the material is deemed fit for human consumption.
5.3. The Provider must attend the environmental legislation of each SAGMA member valid for his purpose of business.
5.4. The gelatine producer evaluates the quality management system of the Provider. In case of lacking conditions the gelatine producer shall propose improvements considered necessary, or – at his criteria – interrupt the deliveries until the execution of the said improvements.
5.5. The gelatine producer regularly verifies if the sanitary and hygienic conditions during generation, handling, storing and transport of the raw material are in accordance with the established rules and requirements.
5.6. The gelatine producer regularly verifies if the conditions during generation, handling storing and transportation exclude contamination risks for the raw material, provoked by foreign substances.