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SAGMA believes that any enterprise should contribute to the growth and development of the community where it is placed. Above mentioned purpose should be achieved through two different kinds of commitments that should be understood as absolutely additional and simultaneous.

On one side SAGMA encourages and pushes all the actions orientated to the creation of wealth. This objective is performed through the combination of different kind of resources that should lead to the generation of a new product of higher added value. SAGMA understands that this is the right way to make a contribution to the community as a whole. As a logical consequence, we can perceive growth, new labor opportunities, payment of taxes and the development of economic and technical improvements in benefit of the whole society.

On the other side SAGMA strongly considers that an entrepreneurial activity is sustainable, only if ethical, social, technical and environmental improvements derive from it. SAGMA believes that this is a global responsibility from the enterprise towards the community.

Therefore an essential part of any enterprise performance includes a responsible care towards the environment, not only among the gelatin manufacturers but also within their customers and suppliers. As a minimum any enterprise should strictly respect all the legal requirements related to the environment protection. However SAGMA believes that the responsibility of the enterprises should go beyond and promote all the actions necessary to anticipate the future legal requirements. This should be a way to improve the environment care in benefit of current and future generations.

SAGMA encourages and takes care for the full respect of business ethics and community development during the normal business life. Consequently it promotes among its members, all the actions orientated to fight against corruption, discriminatory practices and anything that might be in collision with human dignity. SAGMA is against any discrimination among the human beings based on age, sex, ethnic origin, religion or physical conditions.

SAGMA is concerned that all the products manufactured by its members be in accordance with sanitary and hygiene principles so that the food safety of the consumers is guaranteed. It refers not only to the products generated by SAGMA members but also the interface with suppliers and customers.

SAGMA believes that its members should constantly be worried by the welfare of individuals that work in their enterprises but also by the community in which the companies are inserted. This includes the enterprise social responsibility, the support of the initiatives that will enhance the perspective of the surrounding communities and a strong commitment with industrial health, hygiene and safety.

SAGMA is in favor of all the animal welfare principles. In this regards, it supports all the practices aimed at improving the life and avoid suffer of all the animal population.