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Coconut Pudding
Charlotte Russe


Orange Flan

Preparation time: 45 minutes Time in the refrigerator: 3 hours
Amount: a pan with the capacity of 1,5l Preparation: easy

1 tbsp. of Gelatine; 3 teacups of boiling orange juice (720ml); 1 tin of condensed milk (395g); 3 egg whites beaten stiff.


Leave the Gelatine soaking for 5 minutes in ¼ teacup of cold water. Afterwards blend it with the boiling orange juice stirring till it dissolves. Add the other ingredients and mix very well. Pour it in a mold (cake pan with center cone or, if you prefer, into individual dessert glasses) and place it in the refrigerator to acquire a firm consistency. Turn it out of the mold and decorate as you like.