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What can SAGMA do for its associates?

Deal with matters that concern the Gelatine industry in areas like:

  • National and International regulatories;
  • International Commerce Regulations;
  • Technical specifications and normatization;
  • Publicizing the health benefits at regular Gelatine consumption;
  • Environment;
  • Safety and occupational health;
  • Training associates and clients;
  • Support research entities;
  • To represent the associates before national and international regulatory bodies;
  • Exchange of information and cooperation with similar entities;
  • Financial support of the entity by regular contributions of its associates.

Purchase Contracts

All SAGMA members decided to implement a common action in order to reinforce their commitment in favor of business ethics, social responsibility and responsible care. With this purpose, all SAGMA companies, included in the purchase contracts, a clause that indicates that the suppliers engage not to allow in their production chain any product originated in companies that appear in lists of alleged illegal practices, corruption or actions against the environment. If this would be the case, contracts will immediately be cancelled.